Thursday, August 4, 2011

8 weeks

I can't believe I'm already 8 weeks along! It seems to be going by so fast. Here's hoping the next 32 go by just as quickly.

I've had one appointment at our birthing center- I love it there! Everyone is so sweet and supportive! I'm looking forward to the next one in 2 weeks. I keep trying to think of questions, but the problem is I've never been pregnant before so I don't know what I don't know! I have no idea what I should be asking! I figure I feel pretty good, the little cramps I'm having are just my uterus making itself at home, and nausea is totally normal. Right? What's there to worry about?

On the home front: I'm still not done stripping wallpaper. I got in there for a little while yesterday but I started feeling woozy and decided I was done for the day. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be motivated enough to get in there again. It would be a little easier if Hubby was home during the day to help, but that's ok- CAM wants to eat so Daddy needs to be at work.

Speaking of work- I haven't had any in a few weeks :/ Hopefully I'll have a nice and full interpreting schedule and we can squirrel enough away that it won't be too big of a deal for me to be home with baby for a while.

Anyway, I think that's all I have to say for now. With any luck, I'll be writing more soon!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Guess What Everyone!

We're going to have a baby!


We conceived in Ireland on our 3 year anniversary and baby is due on March 13th! I am currently approximately 4 weeks 5 days along, and am already getting a little morning sickness, heartburn, and I've been riding the hormone-emotion roller coaster for a while too.
I am so excited!
I can't believe I got pregnant our first month of not preventing. I guess God wanted us to have this little one!
I'll be praying for a healthy baby every day until this little one arrives.
Jonathan has started praying for him/her every day too before we eat, and it makes me cry almost every time to see him already tending to his baby.

We have decided that we want to be surprised by baby's gender, but I don't mind people guessing! We have names picked out, so we will be referring to baby as CAM since that will be his/her initials.

We told our families on Friday and they are excited for us too. My mom was on thus phone about a minute after we told her, calling all of that side of the family. She woke a few people up, but they didn't mind once they heard the news!

I will be posting pictures of my bump as soon as it's something other than bloat. LOL
I know I've said it already, but... I AM SO EXCITED!!!

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